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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm sending my San Diego family BACK to San Diego tonight after three weeks! Bittersweet! Are the purple things eggplant??? Um - yum! HAve a great time with your family on the most gorgeous weekend. BTW - you guys can have Brett back - we don't want him anymore!!

YAY! Opal makes the BEST goodies!


Is that a bracelet too?! :D

Enjoy the family. Make sure the kitties don't take anyone hostage.


Ummm could you send some of that awesomely cool weather this way to NYC? Love the new necklace and earrings. Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your family time!

I LOVE the bananas! She is amazing isn't she? I'm waiting for a special order too. :D So that's why you were so busy today! :D

Happy Saturday! Hope you get a chance to relax a little.

Pretty, pretty -- the produce and jewelry and the model :-)

i'm so glad you like the jewelry! the necklace and earrings look great on you! yay!

those vegetables look scrumptious. :)

Great goodies - enjoy!

What beautiful sparklies!
Have fun with the family.

50 F is COLD!!! COLD! Hope the houseful of family was fun. Sounds like it!

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