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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Indian pipes? I have never seen those in the flesh (so to speak).

You better get a nap, missy! Take one for me while you're at it.

Love the flowers.

It is Saturday. You've already made the most of it. Time to play slacker!


I dunno, Saturday means nothing to the unemployed. ;-) Those "interesting" flowers kinda creep me out! I'm such a city girl.

Those flowers are wicked cool!

Powering through sometimes works but when it doesn't, it doesn't. Nap. You really need to rest up and be on your toes for Squish. ;)

I'm with Carrie - the flowers look like something from Harry Potter's Herbology class!

Hope you got your nap, and your salad!


Wow! You didn't have to put in a new sidewalk just for me! *snort* Have you been eating chocolate covered coffee beans? I can't wait to see the river and the deer and the kids and the new front yard and most of all? I can't wait to see THE ANGIE!!!

I haz antz in mah pants

Awesome pix of the Indian Pipe - haven't seen any of those in many years! Good luck with the landscaping - I'll be so glad when we finally get to that stage ;)

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