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Friday, September 25, 2009


Good luck with the WW! They have a solid and sensible and healthy program.

I have to tell you, every time you mention Wilson I get a mental image of you going out to dinner/hanging out/going to a movie/whatever with the volleyball from Cast Away. TMI, I know...

WW worked great for me, until I had the Bug. Now I'm focusing on depression-as-weight-loss-tool. ;-)
Good luck with the washer. I'm kinda hoping mine dies shortly after I get a job so I will be justified in buying a new one. With a matching dryer that, you know, actually DRIES things.

If you need any WW helps or tips let me know :D

Sounds like a lovely evening. Tell my white dot that it'll be ok and if anyone hurt her... I'm gonna rip their face off. Just sayin.

Is it the Noro Flowers one.

And hey? Trust your journey. ;D

Computer chips in a washing machine? And I thought it was bad when they started adding them to cars.

Good luck with WW!

And remember to wear your chain malle and welding mask for the trip to the vet. ;^)


If you go to the Knitting Tree, save a few WW points so you can stop into Pasqual's. Mmmmm.

Have a great weekend, Angie!


Good luck with the vet trip - been there, done that, and dogs are much easier How about welding gloves?

That's a great message on the mug! Have a wonderful weekend!

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