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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Life is good, isn't it?


What is it with your septic system? o.0

Yes, agreed. Life is good.


Yay for a new washer, goofy cats, and good news! Also, YAY I GET TO MEET YOU IN PERSON IN A WEEK!!!

Amber & Toby were both in here looking around for the strange (to them) cats ;) I get a similar chorus, except only as a duet, not a quartet.

Have you tried periodic applications of Rid-X in the septic tank? Good luck!

Poor babies! I swear I totally didn't shove anything down your shower drain. Swear! :D

Thanks for the you know what from the you know who. I'm going to shock and amaze him with it. Today is lunch with Momma (yuck) and then I'm doing ribs tonight. Maybe Monday? I'll give you a full report.

Reminds me of the time my husband and I moved with 5 cats...
Enjoy the new washer!

I live with a vet so we only have one dog. I am so afraid of your septic system. I guess the word "fixed" means a different thing at your place.

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