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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Is it wrong that I perked up for the fish?

Don't answer that.

I am so glad you're out having fun and seeing people we love. And I don't blame you about the fleece. I wouldn't want to get between our Carrie and a fleece, either. o.0


Sounds like you've been one busy lady. And I certainly don't blame you for not touching that fleece. You might have lost an appendage! ;) Happy Halloween!

Oh c'mon now, you know that look was related to the thought of what Our Cowboy would have done with said fleece...
I totally want to go back to Taos next year. If Squish would quit faking all this illness and get on the boat, we could flatten that lil ol town.

Very fun, all of it!

Pumpkins are fine, but I'm not a fan of the cold wind combined with the idiots who keep ringing the doorbell in spite of the candy bowl set on the front step, blocking the path to the door, posted with a clear "Take 1" sign on the front. Maybe they want to complain about the quality?


Looks like lots of fun was had by all. Great photos - I'd *love* to go to Taos someday. Happy Halloween!

Good times with good friends! :^)

I iz still eating cheese curds. YUMMMY!!!! The wine was wonderful. When do you come back to dallas? We totally need to do that again.

Fun times! You've sure been getting around, lady!!

Sounds like fun!

Happy Halloween! You really have been getting around.
Taos Pueblo is so beautiful!

hello kitty bandaids! woohoo!

i'm so glad you had so much with carrie and stacey. :)

Now I want to go to Taos more than ever. Bread! and Wool!

The two of you could be sisters. That delights me to no end.


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