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Thursday, October 01, 2009


Those colours will look wonderful in Taos (grumbly envy). Hope you share your great time with us.

Congrats on the FO. The shawl is gorgeous. I love the colors and will be perfect to wrap yourself up in during the chilly fall months. This should be a bring to Rhinebeck must. If the weather is as cold as last year you'll be happy you did.

Such pretty colors!! I certainly can't see any mistakes from here.

Is Stacey going, too?

Pretty, pretty shawl! Have a great time, and color me green.

I saw that show up on Flickr late last night -- NICE!! I really like mine. Have a wonderful trip!!

It's lovely and I'm sure the issues are only visible to you.

Have a wonderful time and hug our girls for me!


Cookie wants you to hug my girls? WTF?
YAY TAOS! Good idea on the mitts. I even know where mine are! And a Cookie shawl, and my one handknit sweater...none of which match...
I haven't packed yet either. I'm trying to replace a zipper in Bug's jacket. And trying NOT to cast on for a set of mittens for both boys. o.0

That's going to be SO cozy and cheery all winter - yay! Have a fantastic time in Taos (also green with envy!)

It turned out beautifully! The colors are amazing. Have fun in Taos! We're still considering hopping in the car tonight.

You should have a blast!! Much fun. Pack? Are you on your way out the door? Then plenty o' time.

Poor pitiful kitties. That never works but they can't help but tell you.

And yay for a working new washer & fixed sewer. Yikes.

Go have fun! Take lots of pictures. Get a tattoo. ;)

i hope you had fun this past weekend!


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