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Saturday, October 17, 2009


What a cute photo of you!! And I love the new shawl - perfect!

Can't wait to hear everything.


That's a great photo! You look color-coordinated with the yarns behind you. Nice touch with the shawl/scarf. Let's hear about the new spinning wheel.

What fun - great photo. Can't wait for the followup!

Awesome. Rhinebeck magic and Angie!

You found a Bee?! SQUEESQUEESQUEE!

How cute! And you wore your SYE! You totally needed a hat. Did you have mittens?

You better not get sick.

There you are! :D

I'm so glad you're having a good time. Remember to warn Wilson ahead of time if you got another fleece. ;^)

it's wonderful seeing you so happy! i'm so glad you're having such a grand time. :D

The cold can only be appreciated in the company of fibre. Great smile! I dream of a Ravelry meet up- maybe I'd meet you.

Thank goodness I had some other things to keep my mind off of where I could have/should have/might have otherwise been this weekend!! Again! You look great. ; )

Angie, I was so happy I got to meet you in person! Finally! I also took some photos in that vendor's booth too. Such neat-o wiggy fiber.

Good friends and wool.......both warm the heart. :)

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