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Friday, November 20, 2009


I have never used beans for cooking that needed to soak first. One of these days I'm going to try. Your furry little hunter is very cute although his little gift he left for you makes me a little sad!

Yay, Blue! He looks so proud.

Hai Dr E! :D

/well trained blogger

The beans look great! I look forward to hearing they were. I'm always looking for new soup ideas this time of year.

Good luck with the huntin'! Remember to wear wool socks.

Blue did great! He's going to clean it himself, right?


He knows you understand the importance.

Nothing like a gift from your cat.

Blue looks soooo proud of himself.

Deer Jerky? :D Really? Happy hunting and big hugs to Dr. E and Mom. (waves hi to both)

My kitties' catches aren't usually so... intact. ; )

Good luck to you all for a successful season!

Hi Dr. E!
Have fun in the tree, Ang, but stay warm. Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome back to bloggin', we missed ya. :)

I would make bean soup weekly if I wouldn't get lynched. I love it in all it's variations- yours sounds faboo.

Ha, Blue looks so darn proud. Ages ago we stayed in a rental house in Hawaii for a week complete with adorable black cat. She would leave a brightly colored song bird on the mat every morning. I wonder what visitors who don't know cats thought?

Yay Blue - at least it's dead! Our cats would rather play with their catch ... good hunting!

Go, Blue! Is he giving it to you or just showing it off?

Yum, bean soup. Pefect to take off after the chill of sitting in a tree all day long, not hurting any darling deer.;)

Yay for bean soup. There's a big bowl of split pea soup sitting in our fridge waiting the arrival of family tomorrow.

That picture of Blue is perfect, the proud hunter and his prey. It takes an experienced hunter to bag a mouse.

Welcome back to blogging by the way. We misses you.

Mmm, beans. Tell Stacey that venison jerky is delicious. (We like venison landjaegers in my homeland.)

The kitty and mouse are too funny. In a sick way.


Kitties are always so proud of the gifts they bring you. Our little one has left pressies for us that we didn't even know what they were. (And they were intact. Not mice, not moles...)
Good luck with the hunting. My Madman has spent a good part of the last 10 days sitting in a tree, but hasn't seen anything yet...

Good job Blue! He looks so proud of his dead mouse.
The soup bean looks beautiful and will make a delicious soup.
I actually ate some fresh venison this weekend (although maybe it was frozen from last year) at a friends house. So yummy! Bambi is like buttah!

That kitty is so super cute!!

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