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Friday, December 04, 2009


Yikes! How scary!! Glad you and everyone else were ok.

I haven't felt very holiday inclined with the mild weather we've been having here. Supposed to get some snow this weekend maybe though.

Hope your DH feel better and you stay well!

Thank goodness it happened when it did and that you're prepared! I hope Wilson feels better soon.

Enjoy your weekend! xo

woo, I'm glad you didn't get either the crud or blown up!

Get that Wilson well! :D Want some french onion soup adn gazpacho? Just made fresh today.

Yikes!So glad to hear you are okay and he is on the mend.

Jinkies! I had a patient once whose whole house blew up after a natural gas leak. Nno one was home, so nobody was hurt but they lost everything. Scary stuff! Hope Wilson feels better.

Yowzers. I'm so glad you are okay. Life can be scary sometimes.

Glad you're OK - that sounds like a bit too much excitement for one evening. Hope all are feeling better soon!

Aren't first snows lovely? It's the ones that come after that get ugly....

Wow, um, so did they fix the leak before they left? Glad it wasn't a closer call.

Sending virtual chicken soup for everybody...

Yikes!! Too bad the hotel didn't have any useful information for you. Glad all is well, and I hope you have a productive but peaceful weekend!!


Wow. You deserve a nice, quiet weekend!!

Oh, I love my Sambucol!! Does the trick every time! Natural gas leaks are scary stuff... I worry about that and electrical fires. Ugh. What an exciting week you had!

yikes! so glad you're okay! :-o

laurell hamilton, huh? I wanna know which one you're reading!

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