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Sunday, December 20, 2009


ROFL. Oh to be a cat at your place...

Oh, Fuzzle, you are my Hannibal's identical twin. Fuzzle and Hannibal: the Fluffballs of Doom.


My FUZZLE! Although Whitey was my buddy/ nighttime stalker.

Sounds like mom and dad are having fun.

Fuzzle, you and our Amber would make a great ebony & ivory set - I can just imagine how much devastation you could stir up between you! Have a wonderful Christmas.

so cute!

Why is it that a cat can hear paper crinkle from anywhere in the house, and at that moment the only place to be is sitting on top of THAT PAPER?

Too funny.


Fuzzle, make yourself useful & start wrapping gifts! Oooh a vay-cay-shun sounds great.

Fuzzle is so cute! She could be the cat twin to my little Misty. Same pointy ears, black fur, lots of fluff and they both dread it when the brush comes out. The Furminator is awesome!

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