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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Oh, that concert will be fun -- if you're not full to the brim with holiday spirit yet, that'll probably do it!!

That Cookie is a wonderful little bite isn't she?

I love the house socks she made for me. I'll have to look up what they were and maybe make some of my own.

Enjoy your concert and vacay. :D

omg, those socks are awesome! That Cookie is something, isn't she?

I love the (Chris-) moose!

Those are some gorgeous cable-iscious socks! What a good and kind friend our Cookie is. Have a wonderful time at the concert!

Nice socks, and I love the Chris-Moose.

Beautiful socks, and the concert sounds wonderful - have a great week!

Cookie is great. Totally great.
Love the socks, love the moose (you knew I would). Have fun in DC - I bet it's awfully pretty there this time of year. At least in spots...

Perfect socks, perfect timing! I love that pattern - I think I need to revisit my plan of knitting those, now that I see yours!

Hope your travels were uneventful.


Love the moose. Love the socks. Love Cookie.
Ah, vacay... sounds wonderful.

Wow, those socks are in a far superior league with what I call hand knit socks. That Cookie is somethin' isn't she. Here's hoping your week in DC is productive and you've got lots of time to relax over during your time off.

You are a lucky lady, with warm feet! Have a great (short) week!

The Saxony socks are amazing! Nothing like a hand knit from a friend to cure the blues.

I'm so glad they arrived when you needed them and I am thrilled they fit.


belated happy birthday! i'm sorry i'm so behind! love the birthday socks. that cookie is the awesome. :)

Oh, such excellent socks!!!

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