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Friday, January 22, 2010


Before I hacked my hair off, I ditched shampoo, started using baking soda to "wash" my hair and dilute white vinegar as a rinse. Now I use Chagrin Valley shampoo bar to wash every 4-5 days and use the vinegar rinse every day. My hair and scalp are much happier, and my hair is happier, shinier, more manageable. I am so happy I gave up shampoo!

I thought about giving up the shampoo, but it's such a part of my routine, (and this is going to sound dumb, but) I feel like I'd miss the lather. ;-) I can't think of a single person I've seen that I thought looked better with dyed hair than with the natural gray. (Ask me how I feel about that when my hair has enough gray to actually show gray instead of strawberry blonde and you might get another answer...)

I love my gray; in fact, the one time I did color my hair, we kept the gray (which, in my case, basically just frames my face) (currently) (subject to change, I'm sure).

Sulfate-free, huh? I will DEFINITELY have to look for that, as I think I must be sufferin' the sulfates, too!

And I'll just have to second that "YUM BREAD" remark.
; )

Growing out the gray hair is tough. I have tried and usually end up dying my hair after I get about 3 inches of gray roots. I wish there was a way to dye my whole head gray just to test out the look. Some women who embrace the gray look so vibrant & their skin looks awesome. You will fall in that camp.

Let me know if you want the tip I found when I was trying to remove some of the color from my hair a couple of years ago. Btw, I have more gray than you do. :p

I LOVE that you're getting to have dinner every night with Wilson. You need to do that more often.


Hm. I'm a big fan of shampoo, and my scalp seems to like it, so I guess that's all good! Growing hair can be quite tedious, but not so bad when you consider it doesn't take any actual work on our parts!


My hair is long and laced with gray. I made the conscious decision never to dye it - I've seen too many women who start out dyeing, then stop, and end up with that "skunk-stripe" while their hair grows out...
Better to just roll with the gray.

Thanks for the shampoo tip. Lucky you to have hubby dinners. We're in a long work/travel mode. So I'll enjoy your posts even more. Mmmmm bread.

This is my mother's hair recipe:mix Henna +Yogurt+ egg whites, let it sit for an hour before washing it off. The hair is supposed to grow longer, plus it's a great conditioner. The red dye from the henna helps to cover grey(if you don't like red highlights, then it's a bad idea. I don't know about the hair growing part, but it definitely conditions my hair. Enjoyed reading your post :)

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