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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Happy Birthday, Wilson!

Regarding the plates? I knew it!

Congrats on the work stuff! And I'm jealous. I would love to see those warriors. I've always been so amazed by them.


I figured the pretty one was yours. Love the little dollops of sauce on the lime wedges.

That Wilson... he sure does know how to cook. And so do you. When are you coming to visit? I'll stock the fridge. :D Although our beer choices aren't as good.

Happy birthday to Dan, send my love and wishes for an awesome year full of things that satisfy him and bring joy.


Mmmm. Scallops.

Happy birthday Dan!

And happy February to you, Angie!


Happy birthday, Wilson!

Happy Birthday to your husband :)

Happy Belated Birthday, Dan!

Yum, scallops.

Oooh, a museum I haven't been to yet in DC? Excellent! The warrior exhibit sounds marvelous.

happy belated birthday to your husband.

i can so see that warrior coming to life and start hacking at people.

i think i've been playing that game too much. o.O

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