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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Mmmmm, TAUNTING me with that cherry tart! (Though I totally blew my diet last night with a humongous piece of chocolate cake, which I finished -- shhhhh -- for breakfast this morning.) :@)

Ooh, that looks delicious!!

You posted that photo somewhere else and I'd thought (I either wasn't reading cuz I was drooling on the pic or you didn't say what it was) it was a cherry pizza. lol
Your Saturday bits sound lovely. I think you should open a retreat like Squish is, and we'll all come pick black raspberries for you and knit and spin together... sigh...
(oh yeah, and update the date on your copyright notice...)

I'm with you on the generator. :D It's supposed to snow again on Tuesday here. blech. I have the "in home" emergency kit well stocked. One of my things, but I realized during the tornado scare that my "get the heck out of dodge kit" was not so well prepared. I'm re-instituting the earthquake protocols. :D

Not surprisingly, the raccoons in Florida are a lot thinner than the ones in MN and WI; I think ours have to maintain an extra layer of blubber to make it through the winter. Back in the year or three that I subscribed to MLLiving, I was most fascinated by the splendid photography. Note to self: try to emulate that style in own blog photos.

Miners headlamp. I'm just saying. ;^)

The tart looks lovely... and I don't care for cherries. *L*

What are you spinning? What are you spinning it on? Wanna come over and lube my wheel?


Nice bits.

I have your raccoons' cousins here. They love cat food if you run out of bird seed to feed them. :-)

Definitely need to update the disaster recovery plan - having a generator is a nice fringe benefit of DH's machine shop here ;)

Cherry tart looks fantastically yummy!!!

The tart is just lovely.

The problem w/ Living is that it always makes me feel like such a loser. That's true of most pretty magazines, though, since I don't live in a photo shoot!

More snow on the way - duck and cover!



Candles and peanut butter. The stuff of emergency supplies.

Mmmm... cherry tart...
An LED headlamp works dandy for reading and knitting.

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