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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I saw the quilt and it's truly stunning! Good luck furnishing POE!

Wanna see the quilt!

Good luck with furnishing POE. Once you get settled in, you should go look at all the monuments by night. (Avoid the crowds and they look wonderful in the lights. A tour bus might be worth it for the not having to park and figure out where you are benefit.)

How fun to have a little pied a terre to furnish just how you want it... Take your time. You do need that waste basket, but other things can wait.


Busyness. Too hard to keep little details in your brain when it is full of big giant things. Lists. Spreadsheets, if necessary. Have fun! I'm looking forward to something similar if all goes well. ;-)

I didn't see any photos on facebook yet :-(

Great photos on Facebook! Such a beautiful quilt! I suffer the same patchy memory when stressed. Be kind to yourself.

I've been thinking about you! I'm so glad you found a nice place to live in DC. I agree with Nora. You've got time to get what you need. Just worry about the import stuff right now.

And you know I want to see that quilt.


So glad you found a place to replace the countless travel miles. I like the idea of furnishing POE in hand made love. Don't forget pics of the kitties.

Had to go log in to Facebook just to see the quilt. Wow! That's gorgeous. And congrats on finding the perfect POE!

Until they actually add hours to the day, time management is a pipe dream. IMO, of course.

Yum, peanut brittle. Or Salted Caramels.

How fun to have a little pied a terre to furnish just how you want it...

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