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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Happy Sunday to you too! My monster lamb's ear growing on the edge of my wetland is about 7 feet tall with yellow flowers. I also have a super dandelion doing the same thing minus a flower. Strange.

Lovely, all of it. :D It sure is green and pretty out there. Heh... when you visit, I may just put you to gardening.


It's good to hear from you! Yum, berries! I'm glad to hear POE is working out and you guys are managing to figure out schedules that mesh.

You're not afraid of change. Maybe because you have a firm foundation. Our garden has so much rain this year, too. Your garden looks like a haven.

Good to see a post, and such a lovely one at that! Have a great week, Angie!


It's a huge adjustment to make - glad it's working well. My DH and I went through a similar adjustment when he was working at an out-of-state residential wilderness camp a couple of years ago. Gone 5 days, home for 2 - we tried to pack in the quality time during those two!

Crazy how much the schedule change takes getting used to. Awesome that you get more quality time with Wilson. :-)

Blue on Rock, a dashing portraiture.

Adjustments always take a bit of time don't they? Glad you're settling in and it's working out.

Lambs ear! squeal! That is too cute.

Wait. You moved to Prince Edward Island? Huh? (I've been out of touch, being on vacation myself.)

I bought myself an iPod Touch a month or two ago -- love it! I can see the appeal of an iPad but am resisting.

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