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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Glad the summer is treating you right. You should see the nasturtiums I planted for you.

My kids wore socks with individual little toes a few years ago. I never could... even try. I get this icky, "Ew, there's something between EVERY TOE" feeling!

Those shoes sorta freak me out.

What a cute photo - you sure look like the new job agrees with you!


My daughter has a pair of those shoes. She loves them. I remain dubious...

There you are! Glad you're having a good summer.

I would love those shoes for swimming on rocky beaches. Do they come in hot pink? :-D

I have seen those "shoes" and I've wondered if they would work for me. I have a pair of water shoes I wear when we go to the water park, and I think those might be a good replacement when the time comes -- if it ever does. I only wear them once every couple of years these days.

Those shoes sort of freak me out too. I couldn't handle toe socks though......so I'm too old?

Sounds like a fun family time!

Hai! :D

I'm not sure what to think about those shoes. o.O


I've seen those shoes out in the wild on joggers feet and apparently they are well loved. I wince at the thought of stepping on something sharp while wearing them though. Love the photo- true happiness.

yay good summer! I have seen those and they make my toes sweat, just by the look of them. lemme know how you like them.

Those toes sock things don't work if your toes aren't completely standardized (like partly joined). Just like gloves don't work if your baby fingers are shorter than average...

Looks like a fun summer is being had by all.

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