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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Where did you find my crankypants??? I just had them on yesterday!

I never used to drink iced coffee until this summer. Then I found a recipe where you shake up instant espresso with sugar and a little water to get it nice and foamy, then pour it in a glass with milk. Fantastic once you get the ratio of sugar to coffee to milk just right. Weird how much I like it because I drink my hot coffee black.

I see they give a discount for "mentor" cats, excellent incentive to adopt a slightly older kitteh.

Hope you find your happy pants! I'm so with you on the reasons why you're wearing the crabby ones. Should be better soon!

My absolute favorite litter! NEVER smells.

I love the "Supersize it!" for adopting TWO kittens.

I'm so glad you found your coffee.

It's funny you posted about the grocery issue. I was just thinking last night how lovely it is to be able to run 5 blocks or so to pick up cilantro and a jalapeno for some fresh salsa - having grown up in the stix, I really have to stop and appreciate that once in a while.


Return crankypants to Cookie. You don't need them. Made M return his yesterday too. Luckily, it was just hunger after spending 8 hrs on lake.

Tell kidlets I said "meow, meow" xoxo

LMAO. Everyone wants the crankypants. Or at least, wants your happy self to not be wearing them.

Where are my crankyPANTS?!


i'd have the crankies over no coffee too! it's the anti-cranky drug!

LOVE the photo! too cute!

I seem to use the caffeine meter all through the day (had enough/need more?). We have to set up the coffee the night before: we're that cranky.

Kitten Palooza! That is such a clever idea.

No coffee? That's not irritating, that's catastrophic.

Love the Super-Size options!
Please return the crankypants to Cookie, ASAP. (And how you got them away from her without her noticing is a mystery to me...)

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