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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Pretty pretty pretty! (In that order. lol)
I forgot you did all the festivals last year. (Madrona!)

Enjoy your lutefisk fumes!!

Happy weekend, Angie.


I was bit by the sewing bug as well, but you got a better product. The sourdough and the butterfly are both signs of hope- for both your homes.
Lovely photo- we're coming out in January for a conference.

You're so talented!

I hope you're feeling today.


faboo job on the skirt and top. :D And such a lovely picture.

Two butterflies and an obelisk, with a side of lutefisk. This post makes me smile.
(I've never had lutefisk. Never even smelled it. But I've heard all kinds of opinions...)

Your outfit came out really good! No paper pattern either? I am in awe.

And aw for the Monarch butterfly. We used to have scads of them around here but not so much lately. Too cool.

Um, I will leave the lutefisk fumes & taste to you and your family. OTOH, I am always up for taste testing anything made with sourdough. Those starters will last forever, which I'm sure you already know.

We missed you at Rhinebeck! Hope you had fun anyway. :-)

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