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Sunday, December 05, 2010


Great post. Hope you and Min don't miss Wisconsin too much. I'm worried about the hunters in DC. Do you need an eye-searing orange vest, too?

so very cute! gotta luv our Cookie!

How sweet of Cookie to knit you a minion to watch out for you!
We've got snow falling, too. Looks like this will be the one that sticks...

The pictures are so cute! I hope the Minion is behaving. I love all that snow!

What chocolate? ;^)


The first snow fall always looks so magical doesn't it? And then along about January, it's so over-rated. Cute socks and Little Min.

Chocolate ... did someone mention chocolate ;o)

The socks are pink! ::shocked surprise:: I didn't know Cookie liked pink.

Minion is ready to go deer hunting next year!

I love minions. Cozy looking socks. I'd about kill for that snow.

Cute socks! Your minion looks quite at home and dashing in his vest.

Wow. Is that what snow looks like? So close to your house??? Cool.

heh. A hunting minion. Totally needed him for deer camp.

Aw, that was very nice of her. I love that Min and the socks.

OMG I didn't notice the vest the first time. /dies of the goofy

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