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Saturday, April 02, 2011


Sounds like a wonderful trip. We got tickets for Wicked in Vancouver! Love the bun. Thanks for sharing your crocuses of hope.

Loves you sis! You weren't babbling. You were wonderful. 40? FEH!! 82 here. I should totally do a video post. The striper are running, the catfish are spawning and the blue gills are biting. :D xoxo

Love the crocus, your crick and the mossy rocks :o)

Have a fantastic time with your Mom and give my regards to the Smithsonian - haven't been there in forever ...

Oh, I used to love riding on trains! (Haven't done it in years, now. Just realizing it's something I miss...)
Your adventures sound wonderful! Have a super-fabulous time!

Yay! Have a great time adventuring.

Put in a Help Ticket, sweetie. Tell them you're not comfy with being followed by random men and they need to change things so we can control who is allowed to follow us. Ask me how I know this. ;^)

I hope you have a wonderful time when the family comes to visit!


Sounds like a fun time! Yeah, family, yay!

{Mine is quite astounded (and very happy) at how well we traveled together in strange lands for so many days.}

The spring is slowly come in our life and color us and wakes in us the good feelings. I always loved spring, it makes me more optimistic and more happy :D

How wonderful to have a creek right behind your house! Such pretty spring color too.

I don't know how the followers thing works on Typepad. With Blogger, we can block any followers we're not comfortable with. I can click on their follower image and see what other blogs they follow. If these include a topic I'd rather not be associated with, I block them. If these seem on the level, and they have a link to their own blog or website, I always check it out. I sometimes don't like what I see, and block these. Actually I have more trouble with comments than followers. Hopefully you'll get it figured out. Typepad staff should be able to help!

Yes. Creepy.

The bun is getting big!! Cool!

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