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Sunday, August 21, 2011


There you are! :D

I hope things calm down soon for you, sweetie. Ya know, your marriage is one of the ones I NEVER worry about.

Good luck hunting for a new bag!


Namaste bags, m'dear. They have the big floopy jumble bags, and the firm upright polished bags. I have a Monroe (tailored) and a Laguna and I love them. (The Laguna is the jumble style - I only use it for large projects because I go nuts trying to find things, but you can have my Monroe over my cold death body.)

Nantucket Bagg:

I don't know how much "real estate" you need, but I love my Healthy Back Bag - comes in sizes and different materials. http://www.ameribag.com/classic-healthy-back-bag/

I know nothing about style/purses. And I mean nothing!

BTW what Milwaukee burb are you residing in???

I love the euphemistic "public". I do love my Coach bag! Lots of pockets, carries everything, a bit heavy though. My old AAA bag was fabulous but not exactly pubic ready either.

Your spinning is fabulous!! Love that you kept it sheepie natural.

Jean Johnson looks interesting.

Glad to see you back! We will not speak of Monday.

Woo hoo! I'm back online after 2 weeks of a lightening fried network card and no internet!

Your yarn is gorgeous! I just want to reach in and pet it. It will be beautiful knitted, crocheted, or woven.

Love the yarn!
Can't offer any advice on purses. I don't carry one, and when I need a bag, I just sew one. I have no idea what's available, stylish, etc...

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