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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Mine are blooming too! I always think of you when I see them.

I believe I was well into my 20s before I realized that paintings and silk irises I'd seen were intended to be actual flowers. (I am still confused by the concept of "dividing" your flowers.) Someday when I live someplace that those would grow, I'll take you up on the sharing.

Blooming! I noticed a couple of "Florentine" in my yard yesterday, and another antique-looking variety open this morning! So lovely. ;)


You share with our Kitten and I'll explain dividing to her. I did it for years until I couldn't take it anymore.

Don't have any of my heritage (unnamed) irises blooming, but Iris is my mom's name and we enjoyed a nice Mothers' Day.

Lovely, lovely! Thanks for the great photos! Would love to have some - want to swap?

Those irises are lovely!

Ack about the travel sickness! You don't normally have it, do you? For all the traveling you do....

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