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Sunday, February 03, 2013


Angie!!! You're back!! I love some homemade kraut. I always thought it did taste better. You want some sun? How about 70's? We planted peaches, pears and blueberries today. I sure don't envy yogur snow. Have fun in your sunbeam. Xoxo

Keep your face in the sun and your mind on happy things. Do some spinning and decide where we are going to go this year!! Lots of {{{{{HUGS}}}}}!!

I don't know what I'd do without these sunny days of winter! The solar gain in my bedroom is AMAZING and it does feel good to make like a cat sometimes.

I could use a nap in a sunbeam, myself. February is the hardest month, where it's easy to despair - it has always been cold and dark, it will always be cold and dark, and you forget the taste of Spring.
Luckily I'm going to Florida in a couple of weeks, so can recharge my solar cells...

There you are! :D

The days are getting longer and we are moving back toward the light. Hold on, my friend. spring is returning. My paperwhites are already in blooming.

Will you be any where close to me? I'd say come to sunny California but it's cold and overcast today. OTOH, cold means it's in the 50's. :)

I hope you found a nice sunbeam to curl up in, feline-style.

Sumbeams are lovely - even if we have to compete with the cat(s) for them! Glad you had good luck with the sauerkraut - my only attempt (a long time ago) resulted in a whole crock of the stuff turning pink. I think we buried it in the garden ...

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