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Friday, March 01, 2013


I'm so happy to be reading more about seeds and plants than snow!! Also, OMG, we have three cats!

Someone brought home a chart of things to plant here in this month, and punkins are on the list. I may get a garden in yet. Cucumbers, punkins, some squash, and tomatoes - cantaloupe? carrots? peppers? snap beans? It all sounds good now, but only if I can get someone else to dig up the ground... ;)

Not many catalogs yet, but plenty of emails from seed providers :-) I need to check with my neighbor who raises lots of plants, and see what he's going to have available (hope springs eternal ...)

Are you sure you don't want to retire down South? (at least for the winter) Although we are FREEZING this week. 10 degrees below normal! highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. Terrible! :D At least by the end of the month, we should be consistently in the low to mid 70's

Blue is wise in mysterious ways. ;^)

Enjoy the snow while you can, sweetie. Spring is indeed coming... along with all the usual crap it brings.

We are in monsoon season here in the Fraser Valley and always so surprised when it rains in this rain forest.

My brother gave my mother a Seeds of the Month club membership so we've been planting them and seeing how it goes. Very fun.

We tell spring by the cherry blossoms and daffodils. So......the same allergy-wise? :)

We've been drooling over the seed catalogs, as well, though we've still got a bit of a wait until we can start doing anything for reals...
We had a 12+ hour drizzle yesterday, which has washed down some of the snow. Though wet ice isn't terribly attractive. Or safe, either, for that matter.

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