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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Looks like Blue was enjoying that spot of sun. Probably glad to see all the snow gone and have Momma home. Oh yeah, shoveling dirt builds muscles. And aches. :D Take it easy and don't try to do too much at once. Maybe you need to trim some of those limbs?

I think lazing in a warm sunbeam burns mega-calories, too. Or so I 've heard.

LOVE the sock yarn! Very nifty!!!!

Silly kitty.
I think about raised beds like that too, but we have no hay and you aren't supposed to put a layer of weeds in your garden intentionally, so...

I want to do what Blue is doing.

If you had, say existing raised beds, how would you do the cardboard/hay layer? Or just the first year?

Cats just really know how to appreciate a nice sunny spot, don't they ;-)

That is NOT a lawn tractor. :p

Love that yarn! I have a pair of socks like that but with green in place of your purple.

Happy gardening. Are you rotating crops, too? Just thinking about all that makes me tired. *L*

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